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    • VPS-M

      €3.65 /month

    • Unmanaged/Self-Managed
    • 512 MB DDR4 RAM
    • 1 CPU core
    • 5GB SSD
    • 100 Mbps speed port
    • 500Gb Bandwidth
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    • VPS-1

      €5.00 /month

    • Unmanaged/Self-Managed
    • 1GB DDR4 RAM
    • 1 CPU core
    • 10GB SSD
    • 100 Mbps speed port
    • 1Tb Bandwidth
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    • VPS-2

      €10.00 /month

    • Semi-Managed/Self-Managed
    • 2GB DDR4 RAM
    • 2 CPU core
    • 20GB SSD
    • 100 Mbps speed port
    • 2Tb Bandwidth
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    • VPS-4

      €20.00 /month

    • Semi-Managed/Self-Managed
    • 4GB DDR4 RAM
    • 4 CPU core
    • 40GB SSD
    • 100 Mbps speed port
    • 4Tb Bandwidth
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We provide VPS, Shared Hosting, dedicated servers hosting and can craft a custom package for you. Even if you need something special like custom dedicated server, custom support packages, hire admin/devops etc. Please contact us with detailed specifications and we'll find proper solution for you.


24/7 Support

Our support team available 24/7 to assist any time. In case you have some critical issues you always can call on us via phone.


30 day Money Back

We offer 30 day Money Back guarantee for all of our services . This means that you can test our services for 30 days and in case you will be not satisfied you can request full refund.


Secure your Services

All support levels except Unmanaged/Self-Managed includes free security server configuration/ hardening upon your request.


Full Root/Admin access

With any services we provide you'll get full root/admin access (except Shared Web Hosting).


Easy to Use Control Panel

For any service we provide you'll get Easy to Use GUI control Panel. The most used features available from Client Area.


Managed and Unmanaged

We provide various support levels. From Unmanaged (self-managed) to Premium Managed Support.

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